Training Workshop on Google Earth Engine

Training Workshop on Google Earth Engine

Invitation to Training Workshop on Google Earth Engine


Tuesday 9 July, 2019, 16:20 – 18:10




G. Pranuthi, and Y. Cohen

Contact Person (ECPA)

Nicolas Devaux, Remote Sensing Specialist


Training workshop


Visualizing and analyzing time-series images using Google Earth Engine Platform

ECPA 2019 will conduct a two hours training workshop on the Google Earth Engine (GEE) platform as a parallel session in the conference. All the conference participants who are interested in Hands on Training on Google Earth Engine are cordially invited for the session.


Google’s GEE platform can be used for large- and small-scale scientific analyses and visualization of geospatial datasets. It stores, organizes and provides access to a wide variety of satellite imageries and geospatial datasets, and offers global-scale environmental data analysis capabilities. In addition to the tools and cloud computational powers necessary to analyze large datasets, the GEE platform also offers Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) in JavaScript and Python. GEE is widely used by researchers, nonprofits, educators and governmental agencies to analyze large-scale geospatial data, and is available free of cost for non-commercial users by invitation only.

This training will offer participants an opportunity to gain hands-on experience using GEE to complete a series of real-world environmental remote sensing projects for beginners, and intermediates. Participants will be able to perform basic image processing operations using GEE and will finally be able to develop a time series of image derived vegetation index.



This workshop aims to train professionals on remote-sensing geospatial data analysis using GEE. In addition to the basic introduction and usage of GEE, the training will cover topics such as creating a GEE account, uploading shape files and images, image visualization, downloading images and generating a time series of vegetation index for Sentinel-2 data for a specific location.


Expected Participants

  • The training workshop will be able to accommodate approximately 35 participants.
  • Knowledge of geographic information system/remote sensing is desired. 


Registration is reserved for ECPA participants only.