Technical tour

Technical tour

The ECPA 2019 technical day will take place at the Domaine du Chapitre in Montpellier SupAgro. This traditional Mediterranean estate cultivates vines, olives and field crops on 95 hectares. The wine production is sold directly on the sales cellar located on the estate.

Since 2017, the Domaine has been hosting the “Mas numérique” project (digital Mediterranean farm) and has been using 15 different digital technologies to help it in production.  The “Mas numérique” is a partnership of 15 companies that make their technologies available in this field in production. This project is a great place for students, viticulture professionals and partner companies to share and learn. A virtual tour of the project is available on the “Mas numérique” website.

The technical day will be an opportunity to discover this unique program in the world, and to attend demonstrations and events organized by these companies and other regional, private and research actors.

Visit the website :

Virtual tour :

For the organization of this day, we will be able to count on the support of the students of the BTS SAM of the lycée Jules Guesde.